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AC Installation in Garland, TX

AC Installation In Garland, TX and Surrounding Areas

AC Installation In Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, TX and Surrounding AreasAttention ! Summer is around the corner and the weather has already started to get hotter. If your AC is in the last leg of its life, you will need a new AC unit. Longer you wait, more people will need the same and you will pay more for the same service. Why not plan ahead and schedule your AC installation, while the technicians are not that busy? Contact Us Today for AC Installation In Garland, TX and Surrounding Areas.

How To Choose your AC Installer?

Of course there is this old “flip the yellow pages and dial a number” approach but in a day like today, where plenty of information is freely available, you don’t want to do that. Let’s see what to look for while choosing the AC installation contractor.

Bids For The Job

The most effective way to deal with such a task is to call the companies and ask them for a price and other relevant information. It is best to avoid any contractor which gives you a price bid without seeing your place. Good contractors never do that. Choose a company which sends their technicians for a free site inspection and provide you a written estimate at the end.

Be Suspicious Of Any Contractor Who Wants To Replace Your AC With A Similar One

Your existing AC is at least a decade or more old. Since then, there were many advances in the air conditioner technology. Units got more effective, requiring less power and provide better cooling. If someone is telling you your best option is to use the same type of unit, question their motives. It is not in your best interest to do so.

Just Experience Is Not Everything

Be wary of contractors throwing 25 years or 50 years of experience words around. Ask them if their technicians are trained in the latest technologies and how frequently they send their technicians to training and learning about the new stuff. Stay away from those people who say “We’ve been doing the same thing for over 20 years”.

Is The Contractor Licensed?

This goes without saying but you should not leave one of the most important jobs in your home to contractors who don’t know what they are doing. Make sure your contractor is properly licensed.

Newer and more efficient units.

Most AC units are at least a decade or older. Since then, there have been many advances in air conditioning technology. Units are more effective, requiring less power and provide better cooling.

Read Online Reviews

Read online reviews about the contractors but try to stay away from sites like Yelp or Angie’s List as they seem to place advertising contractors towards the top, not the best ones in the business. Make sure you are reading about real reviews, not the paid kind.

After all, is said and done, make sure you are choosing the right contractor. We know your options are many but we, Miles Mechanical AC & Heating are serving Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, and the surrounding areas for AC installation needs, for over 30 years and our technicians are the best in the business. Contact us at (214) 584-4164 for a free quote and site inspection. Also, follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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