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AC Repair in Garland, TX

AC Repair In Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, TX and Surrounding Areas

AC Repair Service in Garland When You Need It

AC Repair In Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, TX and Surrounding AreasOur AC service team in Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, TX and surrounding areas can help you with any issue you might have with your air conditioning cooling system. Our repair experts have years of experience and will come to your home to see what the problem is and fix it for you. With more than 30 years servicing our local Garland, Richardson and Rowlett residence owners. We are the company you want to call when you have AC unit problems. Contact Us Today for AC Repair In Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, TX and Surrounding Areas.

Our Garland HVAC Team

Our company works with all HVAC issues, which means you can fully trust the technician who comes out to your home or business. Our team members are fully qualified and extensively trained. We can get your AC system working again. We know that heat can be intense in Garland and that it is critical to have a repairman out immediately to get the cooling issue fixed.

Quick and Easy Cooling Repair

One of the most important aspects of getting your AC fixed is getting it done quickly because it is so hot in Garland during the summer. One of our repair people will show up very quickly after receiving your call. Our team will not leave your Garland home until we have the AC working again.

Fair Price

Unlike other companies, we do not push AC work you don’t need. We don’t upsell and always offer a fair assessment of the AC problems. We offer free estimates or may charge a very small fee to come out and diagnose the issue depending on what the air conditioning problem is.

AC Repair Experts

Turn to Garland AC repair experts when you need a professional to fix an air conditioning problem. We offer honest evaluations and we believe in integrity when we offer you service. Reach out to our AC technicians to help your cooling system.

6 Reasons to Call in The AC Repair Person

Fixing an AC can be a daunting task. From vents, cooling, and heating, we are here to help you the entire way through your AC repair journey. Here are five main reasons where you might need an AC Repair.

No Air Coming From The Vent

This problem is the most obvious sign that you have an AC problem. It can be a devastating event, especially if it happens to you at the very height of the summer. However just because your AC is not cooling, doesn’t mean that you need to get the unit replaced. If the AC is blowing a little cold air but not enough to cool the home, you could have a problem with the ducts or the compressor. This is why you should get in contact with one of our specialists at Miles Mechanical AC & Heating to handle all your AC needs.

Hot Air Is Coming Out of The Vent

Now, this may sound like the first problem, but it is a little different. After all, the unit is blowing air, but it’s warm air. This issue is another major problem as it won’t cool your home.

If it’s Making A Lot of Noise

It may be the middle of the night and you at home sleeping, then all of a sudden you hear a clunking or a high-pitched noise coming from the AC unit. What is going on? Your air conditioner might be having a problem, and you need to call the AC repair person to come to take a look.

So if you hear a grinding, clunking, or scraping sound, this might mean the belt has come out of its place. In this case, you would need to call in an ac repair in Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, TX, and Surrounding Areas before the AC gets even worse.


If you can smell humid odors, there is probably something wrong with your AC unit.

One smell might be of something burning. If you smell a metallic or wiring burn, it’s time to turn off the AC and get the specialist on the phone.

On the other hand, if you get that musty, humid smell, you might have mold in the AC unit. This issue means the air conditioner needs a thorough cleaning, and you need to call in the AC specialist.

The Electricity Bill is High

Another sign that it might be time to call in the AC repair guy is that the electricity bill is higher than normal. An air conditioner that is not working the way it should is wasting a lot of energy trying to keep the rooms cool.

Your AC Unit is Outdated

Another reason to call in the repairman is that your AC unit is out of date and needs to be replaced. Modern AC units are energy-efficient and may even save you money on the bills. You should know that an AC unit’s lifespan is about 10 to 12 years, but of course, calling in an HVAC specialist for a twice-a-year inspection of your AC unit can prolong the life by years. It’s always best to call in a good HVAC specialist to maintain, clean, and inspect your unit to keep it running smoothly.

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