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How Long Do Indoor AC Units Last?

Can you think of staying at home without an AC in the summer? Probably not.

While an AC is an essential home appliance, it is important to consider HVAC repair service in Garland when the time comes. In time, repair work for your AC might increase your unit’s lifespan also.

Top Factors That Are Responsible For AC’s Service

HVAC maintenance

Any electrical appliance requires in-time maintenance at least twice a year. Proper maintenance work can be fruitful in terms of your AC’s lifespan. You do not want your AC to run on the dirty air filter, clogged condensers, etc. Connect with a reputed HVAC repair service in Garland to provide you with regular maintenance.

Installation Work

An air conditioner can work effectively if it is installed in the right place. Proper installation entails clear ductwork, refrigerant fill-up, safety wiring, and so on. If it is otherwise, such installation work can affect your AC’s lifespan terribly. We advise you to choose only licensed AC repair technician Garland to install your unit.

Weather Condition

Even though it has minimal impact on your AC, the gradual process can be impactful. In places with extreme humidity, there is a high chance that your air conditioner can’t provide you with maximum efficiency. At this point, hire a professional AC repair service in Garland and discuss with the technicians to secure your unit.

AC Usage Behavior

We all seem to use our AC systems as per our choice and comfort in the family. The different settings at regular intervals will affect your air conditioner for sure. Increased speed of the fans for a longer time will lead to constant wear and tear. And as a result, you will frequently need an HVAC repair service in Garland. It can be frustrating for you and decreases your AC’s life at a great length.

Size Of Your AC

Even if it might sound odd, the size of your AC will influence its service. Understanding your room size and requirement is essential before purchasing the unit. An AC unit relatively larger than required will have a shorter lifespan. That is why hire a professional AC repair service provider in Garland to help you choose the correct size for your home.

Signs that Your AC Can No Longer Serve You:

  • Your AC has started to leave a foul odor frequently.
  • The indoor air quality has decreased drastically.
  • Your HVAC system is making loud noises.
  • The thermostat can no longer manage the warmth in your home.
  • You have to resort to frequent AC repair work in Garland.
  • The energy cost has increased at a significant rate.

Finally, you should know that the average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 years. Once your AC reaches this threshold, it will start having different problems on different occasions. At this point, AC repair work in Garland can become expensive. To avoid such a problem, we advise you to choose Miles Mechanical AC and Heating.


We are a Texas-based HVAC service provider. Our comprehensive HVAC repair solution in Garland can address any issue and solve them quickly and effectively. Arrange your appointment today, and let us restore your comfort.