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How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter?

Machines or electronic gadgets are unpredictable, and they can stop working suddenly. This could happen with your HVAC system, and even so at the most inconvenient of times. It might show signs of trouble or stop working amid the harsh winter months – when you need it the most. To ensure you’re not faced with such a  situation, you can follow the tips given below on how to ready your HVAC system for the winter. You can also reach out to HVAC professionals if you are looking for heating service in Garland.  

Following these simple steps will ensure that your HVAC system is ready to keep up with this year’s chill. 

  1. Change the Air Filters Regularly and Clean the Vents
    Dirty filters are the most common reason for HVAC breakdowns. Dust and dirt may clog your filters and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC unit. You must also check the air vents and clean them regularly. Dirty vents may put more pressure on your HVAC unit, resulting in ventilation problems at home.
  2. Switch Your Furnace on a Minimum of Three Times Before Winters
    Turning on the furnace is a good way to check whether it is working or not. You can turn on the furnace to your desired temperature for at least 30 minutes to an hour,  before the winter months. This way you will know whether it is ready to operate in the cold weather.
  3. Install a Programmable Thermostat
    If you have a thermostat installed, well and good. If you don’t, consider investing in one. Installing a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures can be very efficient and pocket friendly. It increases the efficiency of your furnace. Keeping your thermostat five degrees cooler can lower your energy bills, without affecting your family’s comfort.
  4. Cover the Outdoor AC Condenser Unit
    With the approaching winter, your AC unit will be at a greater risk of freezing over. An AC cover will prevent damage from water, fallen leaves, and snow. While covering the unit, ensure you fasten the cover around the bottom of the unit so that it doesn’t blow off on a stormy night. Even if you live in a place with a milder climate, your AC unit still has threats from animals or debris, etc. Covering it will reduce wear and tear, giving it a longer life.
  5. Schedule an HVAC Check-Up Appointment
    Have your furnace inspected annually? Contact a professional HVAC technician for heating repair in Garland. They will check your furnace to ensure it is properly working. A regular tune-up will increase the efficiency of your furnace for years to come. 

If you have any more queries about how you can prepare your HVAC unit for the upcoming winters or would like to schedule heating service in Garland, call a professional HVAC company today!  Miles Mechanical AC’s team of qualified professionals is experts at regular maintenance, repair, and servicing. They believe in going the extra mile to deliver the best to all their customers. Get your HVAC unit winter-ready by calling them at (214) 584-4164 or simply visiting their website