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How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Winter?

You should not wait until the winter months to maintain your furnace. Preparing your furnace for the winter season requires just a few hours of your time and a little effort to keep you and your household comfortable when the bone-chilling season arrives. Many professionals recommend inspecting your furnace before winter arrives. In case your furnace malfunctions, you can have it overhauled before you require indoor heating.

Given Below Are A Few Ways By Which You Can Prepare Your Furnace For The Winter – 

  1. Replace Your Air Filters
    The perfect time to replace your indoor air filters is when a change of season occurs. According to the Department of Energy, replacing the air filter is the most crucial maintenance task to ensure the efficiency of your HVAC  unit.
  2. Remove Airflow Obstructions
    Spots in some rooms feel colder than others? Make sure vents are open and nothing is obstructing radiators, or baseboard heaters. For instance, it’s not unusual for a living room to feel colder than the rest of the house because the sofa blocks the radiator. Curtains, toys, or even decorations can prevent heat from entering rooms.
  3. Get Your Ducts in a Row
    Garbage and gaps in your ductwork can cause your heating system to work harder than it should. Autumn is the best time to plan maintenance with an expert HVAC technician to ensure your ducts are proper.
  4. Turn on the Thermostat
    Fix a temperature a few degrees higher than the current room temperature. If you don’t hear the heat kick on within some time, pull off the cover and ensure that the wire connections are protected. If the connections are snug, ensure that the power source to the system is turned on. In case it’s not functioning, you could check the furnace fan or heat pump but it makes more sense to call in a trained expert.
  5. Clean the Heat Exchanger
    The heat exchanger should be wiped and vacuumed out yearly by a qualified expert while the system is disabled. While it’s being cleaned, a machinist will look for cracks, which could lead to a hazardous carbon monoxide leak into your residence.
  6. Examine the Chimney and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Chimneys can house carbon buildup or even tiny creatures. Routinely check or replace carbon monoxide detectors as well, as they help protect you from it.
  7. Lubricate and Clean the Blower Motor
    Check the manual to see if your motor is the type that needs oiling. If yes, turn off the power, and clean the caps coating the bearings. Then remove them and grease the bearings.

A brief assessment of your HVAC unit could keep your system running worry-free throughout the cold weather, particularly in aged systems. An expert can help you do a more thorough inspection during the HVAC repair in Garland to prevent a system failure during winters.

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