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Signs of a Malfunctioning Furnace

Whether you had a house for years or you just moved in recently, you must always keep records of your various equipment. No matter what part of the state you live in, you should check your furnace from time to time for any malfunction whatsoever.
An appliance that goes unattended for a long period is more probable to require repairs or replacement down the road. Negligence can be particularly troublesome during the winter months when you require it the most. Replacing your furnace before it ceases to function will give you peace of mind knowing that your heat is reliable and constant.

Here are some of the signs that your furnace may need replacement –

  1.  Soaring Utility Fees
    Power firms are not the only culprit when it comes to elevated monthly bills. When a furnace is not functioning at its peak, it eats more energy. The furnace may just require a repair, but in many cases, rising energy expenses could indicate that the furnace is on its last lap.
  2. Needed Numerous Heating Repairs
    Have you needed more than one heating repair on your furnace within the last two to three years? Just like automobiles break down more often as they age, so does your residence’s boiler or furnace. When your need for repairs increases, you should start pondering over and planning for a new heating unit. Generally, the average lifespan for furnaces is normally 12 to 15 years.
  3. Weird Noises and Smells
    Just like your car makes strange sounds when something is awry, your furnace can give you loud warning indications. If the heating unit is giving rise to more sounds you’ve never heard before, that’s not a good sign. Such noises can be due to anything from loose screws to a flunking inducer motor or blower fan motor. Call in an experienced professional and book a heating repair in Garland to find out.
  4. Uneven Heat Distribution
    Have you noticed that some rooms in your house are colder than the others? The quality of a furnace’s heat distribution suffers when a furnace is not working properly. Not only does this make the house less comfortable, but it could be an indication of substantial issues.

Furnace Won’t Stay On?

Aged furnaces and boilers may have a tough time getting started. In case your furnace won’t stay on or won’t stay lit, this can be a sign that your heating unit requires attention. A furnace repair might be required to replace wiring that has become defective, replace the malfunctioning blower fan, thermostat wire, condensate pan, or another part of the heating unit.

Are You Feeling Cold Spots Indoors?

If your furnace is operating properly and everything looks alright but then you notice that spaces in your living space are colder than they generally are. This can be indicative of many problems, like leaky vents or ducts. If you sniff a burning rubber smell or a burning plastic smell that is not uniform throughout your house, try to locate the area.

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