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Where Is the Reset Button on The Goodman Furnace?

Goodman has great manufactured product lines for customers for heating and cooling at affordable prices like gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioning, and packaged units to satisfy customers’ needs.

Goodman’s gas furnaces can be installed easily despite the size of the house, big or small, along with the best customer support and easy product registration. For heating repair in Garland, do contact a reliable HVAC contractor.

Goodman’s Reset Button

To reset the Goodman’s furnace button, you need to press and hold the reset button towards the center of the rollout limit switch for a couple of seconds and then release it gently.

Goodman’s furnaces are easy to operate, durable, and everlasting, making them live up to their big brand name.

Best Features of Goodman’s Furnace

Goodman’s product offers a wide range of furnaces that come with the best features, which are as follows:

  • Multi-speed PSC blower: This feature highlights the Goodman’s furnace that comes with a permanent split capacitor, reducing the heat consumption. The presence of system noise cancellation makes it preferable to the single-speed motor.
  • Multi-speed ECM blower: ECM, an electronically commutated motor, is the unique feature that reduces the furnace system noise and energy.
  • Tubular heat exchanger: The tubular heat exchanger is designed to assist the wall strength and maintain efficient heat exchanges in the furnace.

The Reset Button on the Carrier Furnace

Press the outward red button on the center point to reset your carrier furnace and release it to the near flame rollout switch.

  • You can press that button three times before troubleshooting the furnace system.
  • Each reset period has to be done within a 30 minutes gap for the optimal reset.

How to Reset any Furnace?

Resetting your system is the best approach to round off some troubleshooting problems. You can reset easily via the motor reset button, following these simple steps:

  • Always ensure to switch off your furnace’s power from the main circuit breaker, and it has to be marked.
  • Liftoff the blower compartment cover to access the blower wheel and blower motor.
  • You can find a red or yellow button on the right side of the blower motor.
  • Press the reset button if it is popping out to reset your furnace system.

Pilot Light in your Goodman Furnace

Most furnace models carry a spark ignition instead of a pilot light. Spark ignition allows the main burner to spark whenever you start your furnace:

  • Once the gas begins to dissipate, turn the knob to the ‘pilot’ mode, hold the reset button and bring on the highest light flame.
  • Once you ensure that you light the pilot light in your furnace, release the reset button.

Consider an HVAC repair in Garland in case your furnace is acting up.

How Goodman Furnace Work?

The ignition switch helps with the gas flow, establishing a flame at the igniter.

  • The flame approaches the burners via heat exchangers, adding heat to the gas furnace’s air.
  • The gas ignites the heat exchanger creating a heat segment, creating some heat where the air passes.

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